Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps

Professional investigation of your physical spaces and Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps
Do you suspect that your valuable information has been compromised? Are you experiencing unusual noise on your telephone lines? Do you feel that you are being watched, followed, or others are aware of your travel plans? Or is prevention a priority for your business? If so, contact LSS Consulting from a “safe phone” (not contained in your questioned space or your personal/office cellular phone) to discuss your options and our services.

LSS Consulting technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) service provides professional investigation of your physical spaces and Electronic Countermeasures Sweeps. We secure your office or vehicle space utilizing a combination of physical searches, examination of the electronic spectrum up to 3 Ghz, both wired and wireless, and over 20 years technical/tactical/investigative experience.

We use the same technical equipment regularly used by federal investigative and intelligence agencies*. We can provide active meeting monitoring, ensuring your conversations and data are safe from insider theft.

There are others out there that offer TSCM services, but who would you rather have look for a possible listening device? Someone who just took a two week course in how to use a machine or, someone who has installed them, knows what they look like, how they work, swept for them, and knows where such a device would be hidden? We have that experience.

*We do not overtly advertise the equipment we use or the techniques utilized in our services to provide the best security and protection for your money.