Pre-Employment Screening

Pre-employment screening has become an intricate part of the hiring process across the nation.
In an effort to provide a more productive and safe workplace, L.S.S. Consulting provides a competent and thorough background program.  It is custom designed to fit the specific needs of your company by identifying potential problems and its risk factors before the hiring process is complete.

Conducting a criminal background investigation is one way of uncovering most criminal acts a person may have committed. The human resource or security department can then evaluate these criminal acts or lack there of and determine if the applicant meets the hiring criteria.

Our priority with criminal record searches at local as well as national level along with identity checks (Social Security verification) is to offer results that are thorough and accurate. Our criminal record check services enable organizations to exercise due diligence in hiring and prevent unnecessary risks in the workplace.

A comprehensive background check will provide essential information, allowing the correct decision to be made regarding hiring.

Implementing a background check program will further assist a corporation in providing a safe environment thus avoiding negligent hiring liability.