Polygraph Services

Certified FBI polygraph examiner.

Jim Hoppe recently retired from The FBI after over 27 years of service. He has extensive experience in complex financial investigations and served over 20 years on the FBI SWAT Team. Jim graduated from the prestigious Department of Defense Polygraph Institute in 2003 and was a certified FBI Polygraph examiner. Until his retirement. He has maintained his certification and continues conducting tests for the private sector.

Jim is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and is a Certified Public Accountant. He is a graduate of The
FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia and continues to be a member of The FBI National Academy

A Selection of Jim’s Career Achievements and Experience 

  • Investigation and prosecution of a former professional baseball player, along with his coconspirators, for the theft of pension plan funds.
  • Sixteen years of experience on the FBI SWAT team specializing in personnel protection and security including SWAT special operations at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary riot, raid on the Nichols farm, Atlanta Olympic Games and the World Cup.
  • Investigation and prosecution of the Chairman, President and CFO of a large public corporation, for accounting and securities fraud. Forfeiture and restitution exceeded $300 million.
  • Coordinated the investigation and prosecution of individuals responsible for the failure of the third largest thrift savings institution in Michigan.
  • Devised and implemented an investigative and prosecution strategy for a large international Nigerian fraud ring that resulted in numerous arrests and the recovery of over $1 million in stolen funds and stolen property.
  • Investigated and prosecuted one of the largest Ponzi style investment schemes in Michigan history.  In excess of 2000 victims lost over $11 million.  Recovered $1.4 million in cash and property.
  • Graduation from the 207th Session FBI National Academy.
  • Responsible for investigation and prosecution of matters under the jurisdiction of the FBI including background investigations, complex financial crimes, public corruption and violent crimes.
  • Extensive experience in a variety of roles in an undercover capacity.
  • Interface and assist state, local, federal and international agencies regarding investigative and administrative matters.
  • A certified FBI polygraph examiner.
  • Responsible for a wide variety of investigative matters including bank fraud, mail fraud, fugitive matters, property crimes and violent crimes.
  • Tactical responsibilities including SWAT team and surveillance squad.
  • Administrative responsibilities including internal audit and budget matters.