Workplace Violence

Consider these facts on violence in the workplace.
→ The cost of workplace violence is more than $36 billion per year
→ Loss of productivity is approximately 80% during the first week after an incident
→ 1.5 million workers are assaulted each year
→ Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the workplace
→ More than 1.3 million is an average settlement per victim
→ Employers who fail to provide a safe work environment can be held liable

Violence in the workplace is not a new trend; it’s a matter of fact. The numbers are significant and show no signs of slowing down. When a high-risk employee is introduced into an employer’s workforce, the risk of exposure to negative incidents increase.

Since 1991 L.S.S. consulting has responded to hundreds of corporations to provide on site security and personal protection during a crisis situation to include potential and actual incidents of workplace violence, workplace disruptions and strikes and threats of bodily harm. These incidents have ranged from dispatching one L.S.S. agent to over 200 agents providing the necessary security for a particular situation.

Our Crisis Response Team is comprised of former FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Customs and other federal and local agents located in almost every geographical area of the United States, Europe, Mexico, South and Central America.

L.S.S. provides security and consulting services on workplace violence issues to include prevention and response to actual situations. We are staffed with specialists in the protection of employees, human resources personnel and corporate executives who have become the target of threats originating from the workplace.

Every incident of actual or threatened workplace violence creates a stressful, work environment. L.S.S. is prepared to respond to such situations with professional agents who have the experience and expertise to provide a successful resolution.