27 Mar Workplace Violence

Consider these facts on violence in the workplace. The cost of workplace violence is more than $36 billion per year Loss of productivity is approximately 80% during the first week after an incident 1.5 million workers are assaulted each year Homicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in...

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27 Mar Investigations

L.S.S. Consulting has assembled a cadre of former local, state, and federal law enforcement officers who have vast experience in conducting field investigations. LSS has a staff of investigators that provide global coverage and immediate response, utilizing multiple tactics in order to get you the...

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27 Mar Pre-Employment Screening

LSS CONSULTING HAS THEIR OWN PRE-EMPLOYMENT SCREENING PROCESS AND ARE NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR HIRE. Pre-employment screening has become an intricate part of the hiring process across the nation. In an effort to provide a more productive and safe workplace, L.S.S. Consulting provides a competent and thorough background program. ...

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